Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sony's Noise Canceling Walkman® MP3 Player

Introducing sony's new as imaginative as ever line of walkman players, that come with a one of kind unique feature associated with them, Noise Cancellation. Active noise cancellation reduces ambient noise through a special phase canceling process, which inturn gives you a superior and clear sound quality and promises a difference!

Just when you think that noise cancellation isnt enough to publicize about. The noise cancellation isnt all this tiny gadget has in it. It comes with 2gb built in memory and stores around 1400 mp3 songs. And yes not only mp3, the walkman can play WMA, AAC, ATRAC3® and ATRAC3 plus sound formats which give you superior sound quality and take up much lesser space.The walkman also offers 3-Line Color OEL Display, Electroluminescence Display offers high quality and a unique look. This helps you view information about the music, settings and even time and date in any lighting condition.

The walkman also gives you choices to change the equalizer setting to suit your mood and flavour with,5-Band Equalizers, which offers 7 different levels for each of the 5 different bands and allows you to set your favorite setting manually. The 5 Modes include: Heavy, Pop, Jazz, unique and Custom for enhanced sound.

And just when you think this walkman is mindblowing, there's even more to it! It will give you upto 50 hours Playback! The internal, embeded Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 50 hours of continuous playback or up to 40 hours continuous playback with the Noise Canceling function on. And there's even more, it will give you upto 3 hours of playback on a recharge of just 3 mins! The walkman also has built in FM tuner.
The sony retail price for this walkman is $199.95

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