Monday, June 25, 2007

Ferrari Dino Concept

The age of concept cars now brings us the Ferrari Dino Concept , although this car might look like Ford's GT 40 from the side but it does have some distinguishing features of a Ferrari. That is what makes it stand apart from the others.

The goal was to create a car that feels stylish, modern, dynamic and organic while staying true to the original design language of the Ferrari Dino and Ferrari brand in general. It has managed to keep up to the expectations but a little alteration is recommended before the orignal car is made, because Ferrari stands for orignality which frankly this car doesnt fulfill.

But lets not be all cramped up about it, if you let the car get to you, you do see that the car's feature's stand out and the body is very stylishly and boldly designed. Its a good step that Ferrari are looking to take further steps ..

Lets see how you guys and other communities respond to it :)

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