Saturday, June 30, 2007

The BMW M6 Edition Race by Hamann

Germany's biggest and best-known luxury/exotic car tuners, Hamann, now gives the M6 Edition Race. This car already a master piece has been redefined and given a new outlook and sport style by Hamann. The aerodynamics have been improved, carbon fibre panels added in addition to the factory fitted fibre glass roof panel, and the engine has been given a finer tuning to make the car fasterr and better!

Engine And Performance:

Hamann is offerring its customers three configurations of the same engine. The engine is high revving 5-litre V10 with 507 bhp and 520 Nm which is limited to 250km/h as standard. First option is removing the engine limiter, the extreme machine can reach a top speed of 300km/h, depending on the wheel and tyre combination. The second option is a combination of removing the engine limiter and optimising the engine performance by reprogramming the standard engine computer. Hamann manages to tease an additional 30bhp/26kW and 15 Nm out of the V10 engine in this performance package.

HM/M +60:

The “HM/M +60" sport kit, the most talked about one, provides even better performance. The kit is made up of high-performance headers, metallic sports catalytic converters, a sports rear silencer, a sports air filter, an engine map optimisation and the removal of engine limitations. The engine then provides around an additional 60bhp/44kW and can provide an extra 54 Nm of torque, which means you can reach upto speeds in access of 320km/h.

In this performance kit the car will to the 0-100km/h in 4.3 secs and can reach speeds of upto 320km/h and even more.


Hamann offers several metal alloy wheels for the M6. You can select between 19", 20" or 21" alloys designed by hamann itself. Hamann offers the three-piece alloys as, super-light forged wheel with an attractive crossed-spoke design, titanium screw fittings and highly-polished rim flange with a black wheel hub. Of course Hamann also offers shim sets as well as lockable wheel nuts, thus providing additional security for the wheels

The car costs around 233,000 USD.


Vohra said...

Its awesome... hardcore customisation converting a stock car into a sports utility vehicle.. Why do they have to put the speed limiter anyway. The looks are great and I think this machine would sound great tooo. Alll these customisation comes at a price and its expensive. Nice details . Thanks

martian said...

plus .. the fact that you get to chose from a list of options you get from the customizing company lets you decide whatever things you want for your car!