Friday, June 22, 2007

2007 9ff Porsche Turbo TRC 91

Just when the standard twin turbo charged Porsche 911 wasnt enough, 9ff took it for a spin and decided that they could do a little more to help the 911 push out a little more kick. When they were done with it, they ended up increasing the horse power from 450 to 910 for this carbriolet version. And if that doesnt amaze you much, the car produces 910 Nm of torque!


Reserved for the cabrio version is a more powerful version of the same engine which they have put in the non cabrio car, which develops 910hp and 910Nm of torque. To achieve this level of performance, engineers took the standard 3.6L biturbo motor from the regular 911 Turbo and added their own custom turbochargers, a sports air-filter, larger injectors, modified cylinder heads and a stainless steel exhaust system with special manifolds as well as high-performance catalysts, and finally, an extensive increase in engine displacement to the tune of 4.0L. To make sure everything is in check, all the modifications are controlled by means of a reprogrammed ECU.

With this level of output, it takes just 3.1 seconds to reach 100km/h from rest all the way to a top speed of 392km/h thanks to the dual-clutch gearbox specifically designed for it.Externally, the cars get a modified racing front grill for improved airflow, a boot lid made of carbon, a custom aero package, 20in wheels and a more powerful braking system. The carbon boot lid and other weight cuts puts the whole car weight at 1300 kg! Optimum performance is brought to perfection through revised aerodynamics en-hancing the powerful Porsche‘s driving stability while creating an atmosphere of even more dynamic elegance.

New and shapely front spoilers, side skirts and redesigned rear wings add to the aerodynamic kit while the elegant and aerodynamically enhanced exterior mirrors are the crowning glory of the whole.

And just when you think how much this beauty costs, 9ff havnt yet made the price tag official. And yes this is the World's Fastest Cabrio!

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