Sunday, June 24, 2007

Samsung's Q1 Ultra

Samsung has now come up with a new idea of sleek mobilty in style with this new ultra mobile pc. They say that this gadget comes with enough power to compare with any other laptop and has more power and functionality than any other pda. They say that its a laptop that doesnt go in your lap it fits in your palm. Samsung recommend Windows Vista Home Premium for this device so you can very well imagine what this small machine is capable of.


The device comes with complete mobile phone capabilities so you can stay in touch on the go and get work done when you're at it. The device has more capabilties than any other mobile phone. It comes with wireless lan and bluetooth to give you complete accesibility wherever and whenever you need it. You can surf the internet like on a laptop or a personal computer. Q1 Ultra even lets you video conference with your colleagues or friends. And with the split keyboard you can type emails or instant messages faster than on a mobile phone.

Personal Computer:

With this device in your hands you can enjoy full PC performance and functionality whenever or wherever. Any software that is compatible with Vista and Xp, this device has been configured to run them! The computer is powered by Intel's latest Ultra mobile technology processor, which enables the gadget to perform like a computer and use the least battery. With the 7" back lit LCD's touch screen you can do whatever you like, and it displays 1024x600 resolution. You can transfer all your data from a PC into this machine with its full PC connectivity usb link.

Why Q1 Ultra?:

The samsung Q1 ultra gives you real digital freedom wherever you go. It gives you full PC compatibilty and performance and all that with maximum portability. It helps you stay in touch with your office during business travel. It makes learning easier ehancing the experience, gives you full multimedia capabilty that lets your watch videos or listen to music. Even in on a office desk it gives you full PC functionality but is lighter and smaller than a laptop.

Prices start at around $800.

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