Saturday, June 23, 2007

The new BMW Concept Car

BMW have now come up with a unique and as innovative as ever ideas for the next generation of super cars and this concept car sums them all up. Its called the Concept CS.

BMW say that the car will incorporate a pleasurable driving experience combined with ultimate power for highest speeds. The idea of a four door saloon being able to go up to amazing speeds was first introduced by BMW with M5 and M3. Now they are taking this idea a step further by launching this concept car.
BMW will be seriously looking at people's response to this rather awkwardly and interesting dashingly designed future concept super car. This car promises the luxury experience of a lifetime for all its passengers, the four seats will be made as such to make sure all the passengers enjoy the same level of pleasurable driving.

This car is amuzing to look at and conveys what future cars have in store for us. BMW also promise a new headlight system for this car, they have reflection LED's in their minds.

Enjoy these pictures :) !

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