Saturday, June 30, 2007

The BMW M6 Edition Race by Hamann

Germany's biggest and best-known luxury/exotic car tuners, Hamann, now gives the M6 Edition Race. This car already a master piece has been redefined and given a new outlook and sport style by Hamann. The aerodynamics have been improved, carbon fibre panels added in addition to the factory fitted fibre glass roof panel, and the engine has been given a finer tuning to make the car fasterr and better!

Engine And Performance:

Hamann is offerring its customers three configurations of the same engine. The engine is high revving 5-litre V10 with 507 bhp and 520 Nm which is limited to 250km/h as standard. First option is removing the engine limiter, the extreme machine can reach a top speed of 300km/h, depending on the wheel and tyre combination. The second option is a combination of removing the engine limiter and optimising the engine performance by reprogramming the standard engine computer. Hamann manages to tease an additional 30bhp/26kW and 15 Nm out of the V10 engine in this performance package.

HM/M +60:

The “HM/M +60" sport kit, the most talked about one, provides even better performance. The kit is made up of high-performance headers, metallic sports catalytic converters, a sports rear silencer, a sports air filter, an engine map optimisation and the removal of engine limitations. The engine then provides around an additional 60bhp/44kW and can provide an extra 54 Nm of torque, which means you can reach upto speeds in access of 320km/h.

In this performance kit the car will to the 0-100km/h in 4.3 secs and can reach speeds of upto 320km/h and even more.


Hamann offers several metal alloy wheels for the M6. You can select between 19", 20" or 21" alloys designed by hamann itself. Hamann offers the three-piece alloys as, super-light forged wheel with an attractive crossed-spoke design, titanium screw fittings and highly-polished rim flange with a black wheel hub. Of course Hamann also offers shim sets as well as lockable wheel nuts, thus providing additional security for the wheels

The car costs around 233,000 USD.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

This is the third subsidiary of the new Nokia XpressMusic series after Sony Erricsson's Walkman series was a huge success. This one however looks different and comes more packed with cool functions and accessories, including a 16 million color display, 2-megapixel camera with flash and expandable memory upto 2gb with a micro SD card. The mobile also comes with 3G technology which makes sure you get faster downloads and better browsing experience.


This one promises better sound quality and a rich music experience with a crystal clear Hi-Fi sound with dedicated audio chip. You can also share your grooves through the built-in stereo loudspeakers with 5-band equalizer and bass booster. You can acces the music player with the smart and sleek twist to switch design whioch makes the music player more accessable. You can store upto 1500 songs depending upon the size of each file in the optional micro SD card with upto 2gb supported. It even lets you listen to music with the optional stereo blutooth headset. Loading songs onto the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is fast and easy as consumers can choose from a broad range of supported digital formats, including WMA, MP3, AAC, as well as eAAC+ and MP4.

Camera And Display:

The phone has a Larger than before 2.2"LCD which can view more than 16 million colors to make sure that the image is as life like as possible. You can shoot pictures in panorama with the 2 megapixel camera, which comes along with a flash, 4x zoom capability and video mode. It even lets you watch music videos. It even lets you make video calls, with the smart flip switch you can switch between 4 modes, music player, video call, camera and smart phone.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is an ultra-luxury saloon automobile made by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars a BMW subsidiary, in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 2003 and is the first Rolls-Royce branded car made under the ownership of BMW. This car might be called an extremely luxurious car of which only 10,000 will be made.


The car isnt all luxury, along with that Rolls Royce Corporation have managed also to give it the sporty touch so that you can feel the kick, when you decide you want to drive yourself rather being chauffer driven. The car has a 6.75 litre, 48 valve engine, which has also been taken from the BMW's factory. The Engine produces 453 horse power which is quite respectable for a car that weighs nearly 2.5 tonns. This engine can accelerate this car from 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds.


The car has a six speed automatic transmission and double wishbone suspension. It is 1.63 m (63 in) tall, 1.99 m (74.8 in) wide, 5.83 m (228 in) long, and weighs 2485 kg. The body of the car is built on an aluminium space frame.

The base price is £250,000 in the uk and $300,000 in the us.

Ferrari Dino Concept

The age of concept cars now brings us the Ferrari Dino Concept , although this car might look like Ford's GT 40 from the side but it does have some distinguishing features of a Ferrari. That is what makes it stand apart from the others.

The goal was to create a car that feels stylish, modern, dynamic and organic while staying true to the original design language of the Ferrari Dino and Ferrari brand in general. It has managed to keep up to the expectations but a little alteration is recommended before the orignal car is made, because Ferrari stands for orignality which frankly this car doesnt fulfill.

But lets not be all cramped up about it, if you let the car get to you, you do see that the car's feature's stand out and the body is very stylishly and boldly designed. Its a good step that Ferrari are looking to take further steps ..

Lets see how you guys and other communities respond to it :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Samsung's Q1 Ultra

Samsung has now come up with a new idea of sleek mobilty in style with this new ultra mobile pc. They say that this gadget comes with enough power to compare with any other laptop and has more power and functionality than any other pda. They say that its a laptop that doesnt go in your lap it fits in your palm. Samsung recommend Windows Vista Home Premium for this device so you can very well imagine what this small machine is capable of.


The device comes with complete mobile phone capabilities so you can stay in touch on the go and get work done when you're at it. The device has more capabilties than any other mobile phone. It comes with wireless lan and bluetooth to give you complete accesibility wherever and whenever you need it. You can surf the internet like on a laptop or a personal computer. Q1 Ultra even lets you video conference with your colleagues or friends. And with the split keyboard you can type emails or instant messages faster than on a mobile phone.

Personal Computer:

With this device in your hands you can enjoy full PC performance and functionality whenever or wherever. Any software that is compatible with Vista and Xp, this device has been configured to run them! The computer is powered by Intel's latest Ultra mobile technology processor, which enables the gadget to perform like a computer and use the least battery. With the 7" back lit LCD's touch screen you can do whatever you like, and it displays 1024x600 resolution. You can transfer all your data from a PC into this machine with its full PC connectivity usb link.

Why Q1 Ultra?:

The samsung Q1 ultra gives you real digital freedom wherever you go. It gives you full PC compatibilty and performance and all that with maximum portability. It helps you stay in touch with your office during business travel. It makes learning easier ehancing the experience, gives you full multimedia capabilty that lets your watch videos or listen to music. Even in on a office desk it gives you full PC functionality but is lighter and smaller than a laptop.

Prices start at around $800.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The new BMW Concept Car

BMW have now come up with a unique and as innovative as ever ideas for the next generation of super cars and this concept car sums them all up. Its called the Concept CS.

BMW say that the car will incorporate a pleasurable driving experience combined with ultimate power for highest speeds. The idea of a four door saloon being able to go up to amazing speeds was first introduced by BMW with M5 and M3. Now they are taking this idea a step further by launching this concept car.
BMW will be seriously looking at people's response to this rather awkwardly and interesting dashingly designed future concept super car. This car promises the luxury experience of a lifetime for all its passengers, the four seats will be made as such to make sure all the passengers enjoy the same level of pleasurable driving.

This car is amuzing to look at and conveys what future cars have in store for us. BMW also promise a new headlight system for this car, they have reflection LED's in their minds.

Enjoy these pictures :) !

Friday, June 22, 2007

2007 9ff Porsche Turbo TRC 91

Just when the standard twin turbo charged Porsche 911 wasnt enough, 9ff took it for a spin and decided that they could do a little more to help the 911 push out a little more kick. When they were done with it, they ended up increasing the horse power from 450 to 910 for this carbriolet version. And if that doesnt amaze you much, the car produces 910 Nm of torque!


Reserved for the cabrio version is a more powerful version of the same engine which they have put in the non cabrio car, which develops 910hp and 910Nm of torque. To achieve this level of performance, engineers took the standard 3.6L biturbo motor from the regular 911 Turbo and added their own custom turbochargers, a sports air-filter, larger injectors, modified cylinder heads and a stainless steel exhaust system with special manifolds as well as high-performance catalysts, and finally, an extensive increase in engine displacement to the tune of 4.0L. To make sure everything is in check, all the modifications are controlled by means of a reprogrammed ECU.

With this level of output, it takes just 3.1 seconds to reach 100km/h from rest all the way to a top speed of 392km/h thanks to the dual-clutch gearbox specifically designed for it.Externally, the cars get a modified racing front grill for improved airflow, a boot lid made of carbon, a custom aero package, 20in wheels and a more powerful braking system. The carbon boot lid and other weight cuts puts the whole car weight at 1300 kg! Optimum performance is brought to perfection through revised aerodynamics en-hancing the powerful Porsche‘s driving stability while creating an atmosphere of even more dynamic elegance.

New and shapely front spoilers, side skirts and redesigned rear wings add to the aerodynamic kit while the elegant and aerodynamically enhanced exterior mirrors are the crowning glory of the whole.

And just when you think how much this beauty costs, 9ff havnt yet made the price tag official. And yes this is the World's Fastest Cabrio!

Apple iPhone

iPhone combines the world’s most advanced mobile phone, the best iPod Apple ever created, and it lets you surf Internet in your pocket with rich HTML email, web browsing, searching and maps. With its sophisticated multi-touch interface and pioneering new software, iPhone completely redefines what you can do on a mobile phone. And there so much in it that you may keep on discovering new stuff every time you touch your phone.

iPhone is a revolutionary new mobile phone that allows you to make a call by simply tapping a name or number in your address book, a favorites list, or a call log. It also automatically syncs all your contacts from a PC, Mac, or Internet service. And it lets you select and listen to voicemail messages in whatever order you want — just like email. And thats not all you can construct a list of your favourite numbers you call most often and it even enables you to quickly merge your calls so that you can make conference calls.

The visual voice mail lets you select which voice message you want to listen to first just like emails, so you can quickly go to messages that are important to you. It contains a new feature to make smsing using its visual keyboard easier, it uses an application that prevents and corrects mistakes itself. The Phone also features a 2-megapixel camera and a photo management software that goes beyond any other management software on any other smart phone.


iPhone incorporates a widescreen iPod with touch controls that lets you enjoy your content — including music, audiobooks, videos, TV shows, and movies — on a beautiful 3.5-inch widescreen display. It also lets you sync your content from the iTunes library on your PC or Mac, you can then access it all with just the touch of a finger. You can scroll your audio library with just a flick of a finger from albumart beautifully presented on the wide screen.

Also iPhone's 3.5 inch large display is ideal to watch videos, Tv serials and movies from iTunes store or on a portable device, just tap the screen for pausing or playing the video and volume.


iPhone features a rich HTML email client and Safari — the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device — which automatically syncs bookmarks from your PC or Mac. Safari also includes built-in Google and Yahoo! search. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE.
With Google maps and iPhone's map application, you can view maps and satellite images or direction and traffic information, and iPhone's remarkable interface makes it easier to use. iPhone even lets you incorporate widgets on your phone which give you valuable information such as weather and stock reports. iPhone even has a intigrated Youtube player which you can launch directly from home screen.

High Technology:
iPhone features the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse. It’s an entirely new interface based on a large multi-touch display and innovative new software that lets you control everything using only your fingers. So you can glide through albums with Cover Flow, flip through photos and email them with a touch, or zoom in and out on a section of a web page — all by simply using iPhone’s multi-touch display.
iPhone uses OS X, the world's most advanced operating system. So now you can use most advanced softwares and applications on your portable device. iPhone uses quad-band GSM, the global standard for wireless communications. It also supports AT&T’s EDGE network, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, which links to Apple’s new, remarkably compact Bluetooth headset.
iPhone’s accelerometer detects when you rotate the device from portrait to landscape, then automatically changes the contents of the display, so you immediately see the entire width of a web page or a photo in its proper landscape aspect ratio. The proximity sensor detects when you lift iPhone to your ear and immediately turns off the display to save power and prevent inadvertent touches until iPhone is moved away. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness to the appropriate level for the current ambient light, thereby enhancing the user experience and saving power at the same time.

Audi RS4 Cabrio

The audi is the leader in extreme sporty and luxury cars, introduced this cabriolet version of thier very succesfull RS4 sedan. Also AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Audi of America, Inc. announced this year that the RS 4 Cabriolet model will come to U.S. showrooms as a 2008 model. Approximately 300 of the limited-production RS 4 Cabriolets will be sold in the U.S. The RS 4 Cabriolet models will. Pricing and equipment for the 2008 RS 4 Cabriolet will be announced at a later date.

Engine and Specifications:

The RS 4 Cabriolet shares the same high-revving 4.2 V8 FSI engine found in the RS 4 sedan. It produces 420 hp at 7,800 rpm and 317 ft-lbs. of torque at 5,500 rpm. Like the sedan, the Cabriolet will only be available with a six-speed manual and quattro® all-wheel drive featuring the asymmetrical dynamic torque split, the quattro may have its cons when it take much more fuel to run but it makes up for it in the fun you get driving it. Like the sedan, the Cabriolet will have 19” RS 4-style alloy wheels with 255/35/19 performance tires, a four-link front and trapezoidal-link rear sport-tuned suspension with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC), and 14.4” front and 12.8” rear brake rotors.

This new Audi is a very nice catch, as always all audi cars are great value and fun more money, so is this one. And it sure looks damn fine! Would be just as much fun too !

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sony Ericsson W960i

The sleek W960i Walkman® phone impresses with its touch display and 8GB memory. You can have all the music you want - literally at your fingertips. Besides packing 8 GB of internal memory and a 2.6 inch QVGA touch screen the new Sony Ericsson W960i has a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera. Surprisingly a full blown stereo Bluetooth headset, the HBH-DS220, will be included in the retail box.

Walkman features:
The phone comes equiped with 8gb of space that means more music! The walkman supports mp3 and AAC formats. The walkman features include new softwares designed to make the voice clarity more clear and the functions are more adaptable. The new Disc2phone software makes it possible for you to rip tracks directly from your music cd to your phone. Then a very night feature this phone promises Shake Control. This enables you to change track automatically just by flicking the mobile phone with your hand and a vibration lets you know track is changed, which is randomly selected from your phone’s gallery.
Then the phone gives you the mega bass option which gives the sound the extra grovy kick if you are interested in it. The FM radio option lets you select whatever frequency you want to listen to for a change instead of your music collection. If you've heard a song you like but dont know what artist has sung it, the phone has a new feature called Track ID, which records a few seconds of the track and sends it for recognition and you get all the info you need.

The phone also comes outfitted with touch screen which give you text recognition option. Text input using stylus on touchscreen: write a character as you would with a pen, and it transforms it into the corresponding letter on a keyboard. Also with your phone kit you get a CD with software for managing music, photos and video clips. Transfer music, videos and photos to and from your phone. And thats not all see who’s talking with your 3G phone W960i. During a video call, you see a live video stream of the person you're talking to - and they can see you.

Amazingly the phone weighs just 119g and is just 16mm thick! The phone also comes with Wireless Lan support. This phone will be available by the 4th quarter of 2007.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (skal-yeti) is a Gran Turismo car produced by Ferrari since 2004. It is a large two door fastback coupe with a 2+2 seating arrangement. The 612 Scaglietti was designed to replace the smaller Ferrari 456M. Its larger size makes it a true 4 seater with adequate space in the rear seats for adults.


The styling of the 612 Scaglietti has proven to be controversial at best. Despite its classic roots, it is considered by some to be rather clumsy — a criticism that is most often directed towards the small rounded headlights. Some also find the length of the hood (which is amazingly long) to be disproportionate to the rest of the body. Others find it merely unassuming: Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson mentioned that car isn't really noticeable compared to other Ferraris.

Performance and Engine:

The 612 is Ferrari's second go at making an all aluminium car , the first being the 360 Modena. Its space frame is made from extrusions and castings of the material, and the aluminium body is welded on. This makes th e car lighter and unbelievably fast. The car is capable of 199 mph (315 km/h) and has a 0-60 mph time of 4.2 seconds. It comes with two six speed transmission options: a conventional manual or the F1A paddle shift system, a much refined version of the F1 system in Ferrari 360 Modena.

The 612 Scaglietti shares its naturally aspirated 5.7 L (5748 cc) V12 engine with the 575M Maranello. The Tipo F133E engine produces 533 hp and 397 kW at 7250 rpm and 588 N.m of torque at 5250 rpm with a compression ratio of 11.2:1.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sony's Noise Canceling Walkman® MP3 Player

Introducing sony's new as imaginative as ever line of walkman players, that come with a one of kind unique feature associated with them, Noise Cancellation. Active noise cancellation reduces ambient noise through a special phase canceling process, which inturn gives you a superior and clear sound quality and promises a difference!

Just when you think that noise cancellation isnt enough to publicize about. The noise cancellation isnt all this tiny gadget has in it. It comes with 2gb built in memory and stores around 1400 mp3 songs. And yes not only mp3, the walkman can play WMA, AAC, ATRAC3® and ATRAC3 plus sound formats which give you superior sound quality and take up much lesser space.The walkman also offers 3-Line Color OEL Display, Electroluminescence Display offers high quality and a unique look. This helps you view information about the music, settings and even time and date in any lighting condition.

The walkman also gives you choices to change the equalizer setting to suit your mood and flavour with,5-Band Equalizers, which offers 7 different levels for each of the 5 different bands and allows you to set your favorite setting manually. The 5 Modes include: Heavy, Pop, Jazz, unique and Custom for enhanced sound.

And just when you think this walkman is mindblowing, there's even more to it! It will give you upto 50 hours Playback! The internal, embeded Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 50 hours of continuous playback or up to 40 hours continuous playback with the Noise Canceling function on. And there's even more, it will give you upto 3 hours of playback on a recharge of just 3 mins! The walkman also has built in FM tuner.
The sony retail price for this walkman is $199.95

Friday, June 8, 2007

911 Turbo TechArt (997)

TechArt Automobildesign turns the new Porsche 911 Turbo into one of the world's fastest and most powerful street-legal sports cars, the cars delivers maximum performance paired with optimized aerodynamics. It comes with impress performance figures as well, will give you 580 hp / 427 kW torque, the car will do 0 – 100 km/h in 3.46 seconds only and a maximum speed of 339 km/h are the most important performance figures of this car.


Watercooled six-cylinder boxter twin-turbo engine with TechArt performance tuning consisting of 2 special turbochargers with variable turbine geometry, sports air filter, TechArt stainless steel high performance exhaust system with special manifolds and steel-bed high performance catalysts and a recalibrated ECU. TechArt engine design package.

After the conversion the engine delivers 580 hp / 427 kW at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 700 Nm at 4,850 rpm. Power transmission to all four wheels is made via a modified six-speed manual gearbox with TechArt gearshift travel shortage and additional gearbox-oil cooling.


As already stated the car pulls out 580 hp, which catapults the car from 0-100 in 3.46 seconds, and will take it upto a top speed of 339 km/h. The clutch mechanism helps the engine deliever power to the wheels more efficiently than before, thus making it capable of handling beautifully even a great speeds.

The car carries a price tag of around 200,000 Euros.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The World's Only Turbocharged v10 M5

Currency Motor Cars proudly to introduces the first of an unprecedented line of supercars. This flagship model is an inventively modified 2006 BMW M5 that can reach a top speed of 240 mph. This makes it the fastest, most commanding luxury 4-door sedan on the planet. CMC has brilliantly equipped BMW’s compression V-10 engine with twin-turbo chargers and a custom inter-cooler system to kick out an astonishing 800+ horses. No one in the world has been able to achieve this...until now.

This is the only car of its kind. The mind-boggling power of this vehicle is complimented by the exquisite alterations of it's interior. The leather in the steering wheel, arm rests and dash is the same as the leather in the seats. Fully aniline dyed Florida alligator in black. Only the finest suede and leathers have been used, much like the old Delahaye and Bugatti roadsters in the 1930's. This custom interior is all meticulously hand stitched, designed and installed by Judy Amic-Angelo, one of the the most respected product designers in the country.


COLOR: Black
WEIGHT: 1830 kg
VEHICLE TYPE: 4-Door Sedan
ENGINE TYPE: High Compression V-10
MAX POWER (bph): 810 hp
MAX TOURQUE (lp-ft): 733
SUSPENSION: Koni struts and dampers, H&R Coilover springs, lowered by 1.5”
BRAKES (front / rear): Fourteen inch (14”) rotors
WHEELS: Asanti 120, 3-piece forged wheels (20-inch diameter)
TIRES: Pirelli P-Zero Nero
0 – 60: 3.6 Seconds
TOP SPEED: 240 MPH (est)
TURBOS: Custom CMC twin turbo design
INTERCOOLER: Custom CMC inter-cooled system (hand-crafted

This amazing car is priced at $350,000.