Friday, August 17, 2007

Samsung's U3 2GB

Presenting the Samsung U3, this new sleek'n'simple audio player features a cool design and a handy, built-in USB interface. It's relatively inexpensive because its basic and easy to use, yet still offers some handy features such as an FM tuner and voice recorder. It also supports OGG and WMA formats, and the package even includes a snap-on belt clip and a headphone cable wrap.

The Samsung U3 is the proof that a basic MP3 player doesn't have to be ugly and featureless, it's inexpensive but its cool-looking, simple and perfect for the gym. This also has touch controls which is very attractive but might not be adaptable to some people.

It has ample space, a sleek and sexy design and its handy, so in all it has all the features of a great mp3 player, which you can get very cheap. This device costs around $80 !

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