Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The New BMW M3

Presenting to you the ultimate in motor sporting this time. This was the first ever sedan car to introduce the idea of a powerful engine in a family 4 door saloon and as awkward it would have sounded 15 years back, it still managed to make ripples across the planet. I'm talking about the BMW M3, and this time it comes out with a newer model with a much more tweaked engine and much more elegant looks.

I must say i love this introductory color, although not as much as we all love this car:)

Engine And Performance:

There's more to it This is the first time an M3 won't feature a straight 6 and also another first time .. it'll feature a V8! Infact a 4 litre V8 which produces a massive 420 hp, capable of upto 8,400 rpm. I cant even imagine the sound this V8 will produce at this rpm i'd say i'm waiting eagerly to hear it! And there is more to it acceleration to 100 km/h comes in just 4.8 seconds, and the car continues this mind-boggling performance with fascinating consistency all the way to its top speed of 250 km/h or 155 mph, where the engine electronics set an artificial limit to the ongoing power and performance of the new BMW M3.

This new car promises more fun and excitement which is very much highlighted by the car's character and expressions.The Over and above the engine compartment lid with its striking power dome and the two air intake openings, the function-oriented design of the front and rear air dams, the so-called gills in the front side panels, the side-sills also in distinctive design, the roof made of clearly visible carbon fiber, as well as the exterior mirrors and light-alloy wheels in BMW M design clearly characterize the new model from the ground up. The exterior, in turn, through its athletic and aesthetic appearance, powerfully underlines the sporting qualities of the car.

This M3 comes with bundles of technology, but the base is still the same the very difficult to use on board computer. I hope that they've done something to give it a much friendly touch, in all we're very much looking forward to the unleashing of this beast! Price figure's havn't been released as yet but it'll be significantly more that the straight 6 version because this car give a better package in all !

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