Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BlackBerry Curve (BlackBerry 8300)

The New RIM BlackBerry Curve boasts of a sexy and slim design with an improved full QWERTY keyboard. This phone also has a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a media player. There's a new spell-checker for e-mail and memos, and audio technology that automatically adjusts call volume in noisy environments.

Although this smart phone doesn't have Wi-Fi or 3G support, it still offers a best-of-breed and sleek design and a well-rounded set of features which make the phone an attractive device for consumers and mobile professionals alike.

Unfortunately however, the BlackBerry Curve doesn't Wi-Fi or 3G support. Also noticeable is that the device's camera still doesn't have video-recording capabilities, and call quality sounds a bit hollow. The 8300 is equipped with a microSD slot, but it is not very conveniently located. The RIM BlackBerry Curve ships with a travel charger, a USB cable, a wired stereo headset and a belt holster.

This device costs around $400.

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