Monday, August 6, 2007

Bugatti EB 218 Concept

Bugatti have revolutionized the car industry with a master piece before, the Bugatti Veyron. Now they are all set up to do it again, this time with the Bugatti ED 218. This new concept car is based on the previous EB 118. The outcome is amazing power and elegance and a very unique design.


As is said, this car will revolutionize the car industry, this time not with extraordinary speed but an exquisite engine. This car will feature an 18 cylinder engine, this engine, which was developed at Volkswagen, has three rows of six-cylinder banks which are joined in the shape of a "W". A total displacement of 6.3 litres, this engine will put put 555 bhp and a maximum of 650 Nm. This engine will be a very first and one of a kind.

The harmonious lines of the body are continued in the comfortable and elegant interior. The instruments are oval in shape and the intruments panel is framed in the finest leather. The interior is further enhanced through the use of light walnut. The special silk-finish leather is in "biscuit" colour.

Permanent four-wheel drive and an aluminum multi-link suspension lend the Bugatti EB 218 impressive driving dynamics and excellent traction. The powerful and sporty appearance of the vehicle is underlined by the wide track and the long wheelbase with short body overhang. The Bugatti design can also be seen in the harmonious wheels made from shining magnesium.

We are early awaiting this car's release, and we are even more anxious because we know Bugatti can do it. Lets see how much time it takes them.


Bonafide said...

nice.. but i need to know just one more thing.. which markets is it being released in??

martian said...

europe.. and america .. should be the first two ..

dunno about the rest :)

Pro said...

It look's absolutely hideous!!