Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Cheapest Laptop in the World

The Medison Celebrity laptop. It's a $150 laptop from Swedish company Medison that's available through the Columbus, Ohio-based online reseller This laptop costs and amazing $150 !

This laptop features a large, wide-screen 14-inch WXGA display and weighs a reasonable 4.8 pounds. Powering the Medison Celebrity is a 1.5GHz Intel Celeron M 370 processor and 256MB of RAM. It uses Fedora Linux, which requires less muscle to run than a Windows OS and no Microsoft licensing fee. Rounding out the specs are a 40GB hard drive, an integrated Via PN800 graphics chip, and 802.11g Wi-Fi. You also get stereo speakers, three USB 2.0 ports, and a PC Card slot. Medison backs the laptop with a one-year warranty but offers little detail about the terms.

And guess what, $150 is all you have to pay, the shipping is also free and there are no extra charges whatsoever!


Bonafide said...

theres just this teenie weenie lil problem that most ppl are not familiar with the LINUX working environment.. and lets face it.. fedora is not the most user-friendly flavor of linux..

martian said...

yaar... you can always get pirated windows cant yoU!

Weverton said...

that garbage. this is for poor person.