Monday, May 21, 2007

Nokia 9300i Communicator

The latest sensation from nokia, might not be the flashing camera phone .. but it has more to promise!

On the out side .. this might look like anyother mobile phone with just a bit more of glitter on it, but its not just that, the real deal begins when you open the lid and see whats inside! A full colour laminar display with a scroll key for easy operation, and lets not forget the whole keyboard.

The Phone comes with 80mb built in memory and 128 mb MMC card already fitted, which can be extended upto 2gb. It has wireless lan, edge support, gprs connecting option and bluetooth. Its features include real player, whole computer like functionality anything you can do on your laptop you can do it on this gizmo trust me on that. And then there is the voice clarity, in my opinion i havnt had such a clear voice experience ever before! If not for the wireless lan and keyboard i'd buy this mobile just for its clear voice:)!

Happy talking !

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