Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bugatti Veyron

Bugati Veyron is currently the world fastest production car ever to be made. It is also the most expensive and most powerful street legal car. The car has a proven top speed of more than 400km/hr or 250 mph. It reached formal production in sept 2005 and was made by a sub company of volkswagon, Bugatti Automobiles. It has been named after a french Leeman race car drive who used to race for bugatti firm in the late 1930. It is one of the only supercar to have a 16 cylinder engine!


Veyron produces more than a 1000 horse power and that is the highest ever in a road legal car. The car has a tested top speed of 407.5 km/h or 253.2 mph. It was tested on the volkswagon test track in west germany by the top gear presentor James May. Incredibly he stated that at the top speed the tyres of the car only last for 15 minutes but the fuel runs out in 12 minutes!

The veyron reaches 62mph(100km/h) in under 3 secs infact 2.46 secs as stated by the manufacture. It will go on to 200 km/h in 7.3 secs and 300 km/h in 16.7 secs! At top speed the car consumes fuel at the rate of 2.1 mpg. Under normal usage the car does around 10 mpg.


The veyron features a 16 cylinder 8 litre engine! Which may be thought of two V8 engines merged together in the form of W, thats one the reasons its called a 16W engine. The car has a total of 64 valves equalling 4 for each cylinder. The massive number of cylinders has to be driven by 4 camshafts. And thats not all that gives the car 1000+ horsepower, it also has 4 turbo chargers which make the immense horsepower possible!


According to Jeremy Clarkson, the host of Top Gear, if the McLaren F1 were allowed to reach 120 mph before the Bugatti started, the Bugatti would still be the first to reach 200 mph.

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