Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Honda Civic Type R

The totally hot and very much awaited Honda Civic Type R is here ! And not only does it look promising it really is that. It has hit the UK markets since march 2007. The car not only looks great and unique but also handles really well, which infact is the concept of making this small hatch back. And it performs really well too with its 2.0 litre engine it delievers nearly 200 brake horse power.


You must extremely appreciate the amount of hardwork Honda has put into this small but able car. The interior and extrior both look remarkable. With the 18 inch spoke alloy wheels and the sparkling lights and dash this car really looks apart!

Engine and Performance:

The new Civic Type R is powered by the traditional idea of a great engine in a small car theory, high-revving 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine but the unit has been significantly fiddled with to improve responsiveness using a new balancer shaft and drive-by-wire throttle control. VTEC variable valve timing and VTC variable inlet camshaft technology continue to underpin the engine structure.

The car does 0-62 mph in an astonishing 6.4 secs and it will go on upto a top speed of 146 mph! Which is not at all bad for the kind of car this is. It comes with ABS breaks to give it the sporty edge when breaking and these discs are ventilated to improve performance. Under domestic use the car will give you a mileage of almost 13 mpg.

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Vohra said...

Honda Civic Si Nd now Type R!!.. its so not what Honda ventured to be.. Dey finally realised dat it wud be worth modifying up dere stock cars, rather dan setting up a sober / elegant icon like BMW Nd Merc.. I hope it crosses de border and somehow ends up in Paki. showrooms without doz extra duty on personal imports.. Thanks for de updates keep clikin'
Regards Vohra