Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mercedes Benz CLK DTM

This car has been around for quite a while in different shapes, its a very fine blend of all the luxury and racing features of mercedes benz. This car is vaguely based on the CLK 55 Amg, the aim was to make an all-arounder that evokes the spirit of the racing CLK that won the 2003 DTM (German Touring Car Masters) racing series. On the other hand, the sad part is that only 100 of these imaculate cars will be made which have been already sold out.

Looks and Interior:

The car certainly looks apart with its deep front spoiler and 19" front and 20" back tyres, which have low profile dunlop tyres on them. The idea of bigger real wheels is quite a tradition with rear wheel drive car sports cars. The side scoops really give the car a sleeky devilish look. It's the kind of body kit that only someone like AMG gets right: meaning that better than stock cars but still its close eoungh to one that that it doesn't act as a cop magnet.

The interior is carbon fibre based, although the stock CLK features remain. The carbon fibre sport bucket seats with leather trim really give the car an edge. Plus carbon fibre on the door panles also gives the car a built for sports look!

Engine and Performance:

The Engine is taken from a SL 55 AMG and has been given a trim to pull out extra horses, in comparison with a SL 55 AMG the engine puts out 81 more horses, putting the total on 574 horses. The car pulls out 590 lb-ft of torque giving the car an extra punch. The result of these changes is amazing, the car does 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds and goes onto a top speed of 199 mph. Not only that but the car sounds really amazing too.

Mercedes are normally let down by their handling but this one handles near perfection, all thanks to the awesomely balances chasis. The newly reprogrammed stability system allows for plenty of fun but saves you from expensive encounters with trees or guardrails. The brakes, too, are magnificent, and reviews say that DTM is as involving on the road as it is on the track.

This car costs around $300,000.

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