Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Audi TT Nothelle

Nothelle is a Germany based Audi tuner, which boasts of giving Audi a new life. This june it was said in a press statement that Nothelle will be making a 520hp version of the Audi TT. Pictures of this monster nick named "Porsche killer" have also been released, and looks are as Impressive! Nothelle has had immense experience in quality management and great looks. This Audi TT is an exceptional piece of engineering which reflects Nothelle's drive for excellence.

Engine And Performance:

The 3.2 litre V6 version of the car has been equipped with 2 custom turbo chargers which give the car the hammering kick, the Bi-turbos help increase the horse power output of the car from 250hp to 520hp, you can very well image how big and efficient the turbos on this thing are! These car gives of a maximum torque of staggering 635 Nm, the horse power and the torque make the car reach a maximum speed of 308 km/h (191 mi/h). The performance package also includes a reinforced clutch to make sure that the power delivered can be handled easily by the car.


The outstanding, salient and modern Design of the Nothelle alloys "NOVEDRA IX" perfectly stands out. The nine spokes consist of a broad basic Design, on which narrow spokes run, which change into the wheel run flange. The sporty dynamics of this form-completed masterpiece make the car look out of this world, for the audi nothelle offers it in 20 inch.


The looks of the car are amazingly flashy and bold. The rear three piece spoilers and the back muffler tips make the car look exceptionally bold and more aerodynamic and much better to run! And the sports chasis helps the car balance and run amazingly smooth!

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