Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Archos 605 WiFi (160 GB)

Introducing the new WiFi enabled 160 GB Archos 605! Think thats not enough to make a great gadget there's more this thing has touch screen, high resolution 4.3" screen, and Mac Support. Starting at just $229 this gadget far exceeds the capabilities of any other gadget in its class! It is basically a video and music player with added features such as WiFi for internet surfing and support for almost every music file.

Measuring 4.75 inches wide, 3.25 inches tall, and just a little more than a half-inch thick, the 605 strikes that front-pocket sweet spot; it's big enough to do video justice, yet small and thin enough to comfortably fit in your pants pocket. With top-notch video resolution, incredible viewing angles, and integrated support for wireless movie downloads, the Archos 605 WiFi is the best of its breed.

The Archos 605 WiFi portable video player is one of the best mobile gadgets money can buy. The recessed 4.3-inch TFT LCD screen is not only bright, colorful, and glare-resistant, but it displays at a resolution of 800x480, making it one of the highest-resolution PVPs on the market.

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